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Proactive project management

Proactive Project Management

Proactive project managers are successful project managers. Instead of constantly reacting to new situations, they think ahead and nip issues in the bud before they happen. They always have the long term view in mind, irrespective of what is happening today. Being proactive means they are more efficient, their teams are cohesive, the project stakeholders have complete faith in them […]

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coaching benefits

Coaching benefits for project managers

Project environments are highly stressful and can often feel like a pressure-cooker. Project managers often feel overwhelmed and unsupported. They work long hours but feel like they can never get on top of their workload. This is why coaching is so important for project managers. Project managers gain great benefit from coaching as they are able to face their challenges […]

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SMARTA Project Goals

SMARTA Project Goals Setting

Setting project goals is vital to the success of projects. They reduce the risk of challenges commonly associated with projects like unclear objectives, unrealistic plans, poor measurements and poor quality of both the project work and the end product. They also ensure that everyone involved in the project, or is impacted by the project, has a common understanding of what needs to be achieved. One way to set project goals is to use the SMARTA project goals method.

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project management methodology

The importance of using the right methodology

Choosing the right project management methodology for your project or organisation can be difficult however it is necessary in order to improve your project success rate and to optimise project processes across your organisation. Where only 31% of projects run without a methodology come in on budget, it is vital not only to have a methodology in place, but to ensure that it fits your project needs.

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Time Management Issues

Time management problems and solutions

It isn’t easy being a project manager. There is a lot of pressure to deliver a quality product on time and within budget, and most projects come with an array of challenges. It can be overwhelming at times and often it seems like no matter how much effort you put in, you just can’t seem to get ahead of the problems. The top complaint for most project managers is time management as they never seem to have enough hours in the day to get all their work completed. Here are top 3 common causes and how to resolve them.

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