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Thinking about a career change?

If you are stuck in a job that you don’t like, have been made redundant, or are just not sure what career is right for you, then it is time to take action and take control of your career.

If you believe:

  • You are doomed to be stuck in a boring or unfulfilling job
  • You will never be good enough at any other job
  • Changing jobs could be the biggest mistake of your life
  • You will never be happy and successful

Then this course is for you.


About the course

In this comprehensive, step-by-step change career programme you will be given the tools to identify the right career for you and be shown how to create an actionable, realistic plan in order to achieve your ideal career.

What sets this course apart from the rest is that it is based on good career coaching practices. It doesn’t just look at your current skills. This course is a deeper exploration of who you are, your wants and needs and what career or job really suits you, then gives you tools to go out and achieve your dream job.


Is this the right course for you

If you are looking for a quick solution, then no.

If you are not prepared to dedicate time to doing the activities, then no.

This course is for people committed to taking control of their career. It is for people who are prepared to do the work, to really think deeply about what they want so that they can achieve a happier working life.

It isn’t a bunch of videos telling you what to do. This self study career change course is activity intensive because it is only through action that you can make change happen.


How it works

There are 6 parts to this course. Each part comes with short introductory videos on what you need to do, and why, and several activities you need to complete before moving on to the next part. While it is self study and can be done at your own pace, you will have access to email support if needed. An upgrade option is available for people who want to have coaching sessions alongside their self study programme. For more information on the upgrade option, please contact me.



This course can take up to 12 hours to complete, depending on how much time you can commit to the activities. It is recommended that you do no more than one activity per day.


Special discount

While the normal price for this course is $125, I am promoting it for a limited time at $15.

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So if you want to take control of your career without worrying about picking the wrong job, or not having the right skills then sign up for the self study career change course today.

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    • Part 1: Career Audit Introduction
    • Activity 1 In depth analysis of your current role
    • Activity 2 What got you here
    • Activity 3 Who or what influences your decisions
    • Part 2: Self Assessment Introduction
    • Activity 1 Understanding your work style
    • Activity 2 Your core competencies
    • Activity 3 Your value to companies
    • Part 3: Career Priorities Introduction
    • Activity 1 Your life priorities
    • Activity 2 Your work and life values
    • Activity 3 Your preferred work environment
    • Part 4: Career Design Introduction
    • Activity 1 MoSCoW your ideal role
    • Activity 2 Generating job or career ideas
    • Activity 3 Your career options
    • Part 5: Career Planning Introduction
    • Activity 1 Closing the gaps
    • Activity 2 Analysing your inner obstacles to success
    • Activity 3 Your career action plan
    • Part 6: Get That Job Introduction
    • Activity 1 Creating the right CV or Resume
    • Activity 2 The art of self promotion
    • Activity 3 Preparing for job interviews

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